We’re More Than A Business Networking Company

We’re The World’s First Strategic Networking Organization


To Create Meaningful
Business Connections

Foolish people dwell on the past and do nothing

Smart people focus on the present and adapt

Wise people look into the future and create

Mike Marcellus, Founder of Tipclub

The future of business networking is strategic networking.

It’s a selective networking model with a focus on purpose, plan/process, personalization, and people. We "match" business professionals that are willing and able to help each other through strategic networking.



- carefully designed or planned personalization
to serve a particular purpose or advantage.



- the action plan or process of interacting with people to exchange
information and develop professional or social contacts.

The 4 P's of Strategic Networking


What is your purpose for networking? What challenges are you facing?

Tipclub solution: Share your purpose and challenges on our Tipclub Mobile and Web App. Let members help you reach your goals and fulfill your vision.


What is your business networking plan? Do you have a process?

Tipclub solution: We provide our members a Tipclub Training on strategic networking through our Tipclub Education with online training, virtual workshops, and educational videos.


Are your business networking efforts personal and customized for you? Everyone is different. Business networking activities should be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Tipclub solution: At our meetings and events, we share personalized and valuable Tipclub Data & Lists for our members through swipes, surveys, and polls. Working with our strategic partners, we also provide targeted business lists that help our members reach new business partners and clients.


Are you meeting the people you need to meet? Are you connecting with potential clients and business partners in your target market?

Tipclub solution: We create structured and targeted Tipclub Groups to help connect our members. Then members build their own personal Tipclub Team with professionals they know, like, and trust.

"Forget the MBA. Learn to network!"

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric